The Toolkit of Commercial Window Washers

What Supplies and Equipment are Necessary for an Immaculate Window Cleaning Service

Welcome to the blog page of our cleaning company! Today, we will focus on window cleaning and exterior office window cleaning service in particular. We will give you some basic information on what tools and supplies are necessary in order to get large exterior windows cleaned.

  • Cleaning WindowLifting equipment and buckets
  • Static free rags
  • Specialty window cleaning detergents, ammonia, and zep glass cleaner
  • Mops, scrapers, and squeegees
  • Ladders and extension poles (when the cleaner has to reach upper floors)

What are the main reasons which should lead you towards booking a window cleaning contractor?

  • It is dangerous to do such labor-intensive job yourself. Keep in mind that multi-storey buildings require special techniques. Only expert cleaners know how to reach high exterior windows safely.
  • Professional cleaners have the right equipment. Wrong tools may lead to unpleasant consequences. Pros have access to specialty gear.
  • Licensed window cleaning service providers have experience. Remember that good results require proper techniques. Experts are trained in effective methods for all window types.
  • Certified cleaners are fully insured in case of an accidental injury. Hiring insured cleaners can definitely protect your business from liability.

To hire the most reliable window cleaning contractor in Yucaipa, CA, you only have to call Spotless Cleaning. Speak with a member of our cleaning team at (909) 467-8532, and we will make sure to offer you our best service price!